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My accidental #2Articles1Week Marathon on HashNode

A challenge by HashNode

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·Apr 23, 2021·

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Not to bore you with so much of what this is all about, but some of you may have seen my activity on Hashnode this past week.

How it started

I started this year without a new year resolution but with a Goal, and the goal was to share my little knowledge with developers, who may just be starting on the journey of being great.

A few weeks back I reinvented myself because I won't be able to contribute honest knowledge without working on my focus. I worked on building my productivity mindset, then I realized I can share the very basics of working with Angular, a framework I know very well and truly passionate about.

I started a series about Deploying Angular project to free cloud services, and through the second post, I saw the Hashnode challenges tab with the #2Articles1Week Challenge.

The Process

I settled back and made it a choice because I believe challenges make one achieve great things, plus it was in line with my goal of creating a writing schedule. I have come to learn to always start small especially when you are hoping to go far and 2 Articles a week is just the perfect number.

I was able to give myself time to look through my draft and share it with friends before I publish, this gave me the opportunity to do so many other things that matter and actually contribute to even writing better and more.

And finally, it pushed me to put myself in the position of finishing the series and writing more.

The Result

For a start, you are reading the recap of my 4 weeks writing streak, and keep this a secret but I wrote 3 this week, please don't tell anybody especially Hashnode.

So if you want to read my articles and more are coming because believe me when I say "I'm on fire..." visit blog.hassansani.me.

I recommend if you want to put yourself into writing start with a challenge and something that you can achieve, 2 Articles a week is achievable. Hashnode will really get you into writing. believe me, I know.

You can start by registering on HashNode using my referral link, I get a cool T-Shirt if you use it hashnode.com/@inidaname/joinme

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