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How to deploy your Angular project to Netlify

How to deploy your Angular project to Netlify

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Hassan Sani
·Apr 9, 2021·

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This is a series on how to deploy your Angular application to cloud servers for free.

Using Netlify

Netlify, this is my favourite, I have been using Netlify for as long as I can remember. Okay, and now... please rise for the never mind.

Here are the prerequisites

Login to your Netlify account and click on New site from Git Netlify's start page

On the create a new site page, Netlify provides a list of git host to use for your project, in our case we are using GitHub. Create New Site page

Authorize and install the Netlify service to your GitHub profile, this will list your repositories on your Netlify profile choose the project you want to deploy, in our case I named the project cloud-free, select the branch in my case, I want to deploy from the main branch. Select repository to use

Scroll down to Basic build settings section, on the build command field inset npm run build the angular build command, and on the publish directory you choose to leave it as it is or replace it with your app name, click on Deploy site. Build settings section

Now wait for Netlify to run the build process and deploy your project Build process

And your project is deployed and ready for your clients Successfully deployed

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