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How to deploy Angular Application summary.

How to deploy Angular Application summary.

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·Apr 14, 2021·

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Let me be the first to wish you Happy Developer Week.

On this series of Cloud Servers Where You Can Host Your Angular Application for Free.

We talked about DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, Netlify and Vercel. If you have any other service please list them in the comments.


Among many benefits of using these automated services one that I find exciting is the continuous deployment feature, this means your production code is set to auto-update once you push a new change to your repository, providing your users with your up to date product without really pressing too much configuring your servers.

Let me show you a little about Continuous Deployment.

First, let make a little change to our application. I clean up the default content on the Angular app.component.html and replace it with just the H1 title Articles on How to deploy your Angular Application App Component Template page

Then I saved and do a git push to my GitHub repository, a few minutes later after the service has rebuilt the project and deployed it, here is the new interface. This will not interrupt your users' activities, they only get to see your new changes.

Here is the new interface

Now that is cool.

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