From Hello World to NPM

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You probably don't know me, but guess what? even I don't know me. People call me I Need A Name spelt iNidAName. I talk and write sometimes.

But that's another story

You remember last week, I introduced you to my Hello World! project. The one I spent 3 weeks working on, don't google it, just believe me or click the link to read about it.

Again! This too is not why we are here, enough!

After my first article Hello World!, on Hashnode, I have build other few cool projects not in one week, but I published an NPM package in less than one hour.

Yes! You read that right, less than an hour.

You know what? This is getting too long, why don't we talk about How To Publish Your Own NPM Package in the next article. I promise you it will be fully technical.

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