Forget JavaScript and Python, this is the best programing language.

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image.png It's Wednesday morning, and I'm hoping to contribute and help people who may find it difficult to choose a programing language to invest their time in. I would have written a really long article on why this is better than that and why not JavaScript or Python but I saw this tweet

Now, first of, why even bother looking for the best programing language to work with, to put it in Elon Musk's words

If you need the best programing language then you probably don't want to be a programmer.

Really, did you do a search on which programming language to learn? Okay, just so it won't be as if you came here for nothing, here is a link to help you navigate through the many programming languages out there, Yeah, I know, it's a lot out there.

I know you can do this, go out and build because The best programming language is that which you find fun and comfort in.

Forget syntax or speed, forget community popularity and definitely forget Twitter Seriously I mean that. If you can deploy with it, then you've found your love.

This wasn't supposed to be this long but thank you

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Mr Rampage's photo

Rockstar Lang is the best programming language. It's the only one that let's you legitimately say "I'm a Rockstar programmer".

Hassan Sani's photo

This is really a rockstar