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5 Cloud Servers Where You Can Host Your Angular Application for Free

5 Cloud Servers Where You Can Host Your Angular Application for Free

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·Mar 29, 2021·

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I was going to do a Twitter thread for this, but then I realized it will not be enough without a few technical descriptions on how to use the services. So this is going to be a Hashnode thread or series in this case, on how and where to deploy your angular projects for free.

When learning to code you most definitely need somewhere to test your project and most times the budget or knowledge to deploy a test project becomes expensive.

In this series, I will take you through some Cloud providers and the technical steps on how to deploy and host your Angular applications. At this point, I will be glad if you click the follow button up there and also subscribe to my newsletter but that's up to you.

Before we dive into the list here are the prerequisites.

  • You are familiar with the basics of Angular or you have an Angular application you want to deploy, as this is not a tutorial on how to build an Angular application.

  • You are familiar with git, just the basics of git add and git push.

  • You have a GitHub account, most of the services listed used GitHub to handle your code integration.

And now that we are done checking the boxes, here are the lists of cloud servers to host your Angular application for free.

  1. DigitalOcean App Platform

  2. Cloudflare Pages

  3. Netlify

  4. Vercel

  5. Azure static apps

And now the fun part. Next article, we will be looking at Digital Ocean and how to deploy on the App Platform. Do you have any platform you can suggest put it in the comments? I would love to learn.

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